Free Range Eggs

Our Free Range Eggs are produced using traditional farming methods, ensuring highest animal protection standards. The feed provided to the hens, do not contain any antibiotics, growth promoters, hormones or any such substances, which may have adverse health effects. Our hens are pasture raised and humanely treated.

Difference between caged/cage Free & Free Range Eggs

Caged Eggs

Caged eggs come from hens who live their entire lives confined in small wire cages, indoor Typically a hen has only a small space, that's smaller than a piece of printer paper

Cage - Free Eggs

Cage -free hens have no outdoor access and spend their whole lives inside the shed. They are free from cage confinement in order to roam inside the shed but have only the space that's smaller than 2 pieces of standard letter paper side by sider

Farm Made™ Free Range Eggs

Farm made hens roam outdoors everyday on open pasture. They have a lot of free space, lots of fresh air and area for playing, lot of green to feed on and safe place to rest. They may travel in and out of the shed at free will. We let hens be hens

Our hens enjoy

  • Lot of free space
  • Lot of fresh air
  • Lot of greens to feed on
  • Safe place to rest

Why Buy Our Eggs?

Our farming principle is very simple!. Happy hens lay Happy eggs!. Natural feed gives Healthy egg!. So we make sure our hens are happy and feed is natural.