About Us

A strong belief in the concept, ‘Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy’, led to the inception of the brand Farm Made Foods. At Farm Made Foods, we strive to bring naturally and ethically produced food products, from the farm to the consumer’s table. We do not believe in changing the customer’s food habits, we just try to make it healthier. With our range of Free Range Eggs, Coconut Blossom Sugar and Coconut Burfi and Candy for those sweet cravings, we provide fresh and natural products to the consumer.

Growing up in a family that has been involved in agriculture and poultry, Raam Mohan was always passionate about bringing fresh, healthy and natural food to the consumer. His passion led him to explore further, while he was studying his Masters in University of Glasgow and once he came back, he started Farm Made Foods in 2014, with the belief that consumer’s deserve the best.